MASTERCLASS Build Your Brand with Clarity and Elegance – Effective Social Media Strategies in 2019

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This course is designed to help you with your branding strategy in 2019. Course duration: 12 months. The modules are continuously updated to give you the advantage of utilizing the newest features on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. All course materials are downloadable. Bonuses: 12 month Mastermind membership. Checklists and cheatsheets. 

Module A

Plan Your Way to Success

1. How to build and boost your brand on social media in 2019

2. How to use Facebook effectively in 2019

3. How to boost your brand on YouTube in 2019

4. How to leverage Instagram in 2019

5. How to use Pinterest efficiently in 2019

6. Branding and marketing on Twitter in 2019


Module B

Build Your Foundation

1. Define your brand values

2. Your branding strategy

Your personal branding strategy

Your business branding strategy

Your signature style


Module C

Build Your Brand with Clarity and Elegance

1. How to establish authority in your field

2. Your content marketing strategy

3. Visual branding

Graphic design for social media

Video design for social media

4. Verbal branding

Copywriting for social media

Storytelling on social media


+ Bonuses!

Checklists and cheatsheets to keep you on track with your branding strategy

12 month Mastermind membership